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Dalia Gonzalez Avatar

Breakfast was delicious and worth the price.

Dalia Gonzalez 1/20/2022
Jackson Caldwell Avatar

Frances’ has an excellent brunch menu. We live in the neighborhood and have been a couple of times. There is so much more on the menu I want to try!

Jackson Caldwell 1/10/2022
Jacqueline H. Avatar

5 star rating Brynn was a great server! She was very sweet and kind! I highly recommend this place as well as the mimosa flight!

Jacqueline H. 1/10/2022
Ernest Krolick Avatar

Best French toast! Really delicious. We also had a Turkey Reuben and it was perfect. Potato salad tasted fresh and house made. But the French toast…was really the best. The music seems at odds with the environment, but it was okay. That would be my only critique. I don’t care for the dance house music. But that didn’t matter as much because the food was so dope!

Ernest Krolick 12/29/2021
Brenda T. Avatar

5 star rating Y'all im a baddie and imma be comin up in here with my home girls who all be bad ass biches. Gettin our thang on meetin dates we meet on bumble, some fiye ass zaddy comin up in this bich. Sexy ass and no dusty up in here. Woah chil there aint no reason to yawn when you b chillin in the deli no matter how early u b brunchin. My dusty ass ex bf used to come here but he dont b here no mo, so vibes n shit

Brenda T. 12/28/2021
Barbie DC Avatar

Good food! Good vibes! Fast service.

Barbie DC 12/24/2021
Brad Saxon Avatar

Had a wonderful breakfast here with my wife. She said the French toast flight was amazing. I loved my chicken and waffles; little bites of chicken in the sweet potato batter waffle. *chef kiss* delicious

Brad Saxon 12/22/2021
Patrick Walsh Avatar

Extremely solid breakfast offerings. The atmosphere is really nice and welcoming. I went in around 10:30am on a Saturday and they were able to sit us immediately. Skillett was excellent, coffee was awesome (Intelligentsia), and the Bloody Mary was great. This is a staple brunch restaurant for sure.

Patrick Walsh 12/14/2021
Tee L. Avatar

4 star rating Nice venue for brunch. Food was flavorful and there was plenty of reasonably priced variety dishes. A few of us ordered the homestyle skillet, the lox platter, we all had the mimosa tower (creative & very sweet). I love that all 14 of us received a separate tab, gratuity not included. The place only has two single stall bathrooms, toilet seat hit the floor upon letting it down, that needs to be repaired. And I strongly recommend that after our experience that the owner mandate everyone wears a hair net. We were all highly disgusted that one girl had the longest, thickest strand of hair intertwined in her skillet, gross. Seeing this made it hard for others to finish their food for fear of having hair in their dish. Just wear the hair net dang it!!

Tee L. 12/13/2021
Brittany S. Avatar

4 star rating This weekend's brunch Rocked!

FIRST STAR: Our server Victoria did a bomb job of taking our order, being patient and thorough. ALSO A blonde gentleman who ran our food was spectacular!

SECOND STAR: Cleanliness and awesome aesthetics! Such an awesome warm inviting space and well thought out down to the vintage style but very well picked and pricey counter top sink in its cozy bathrooms. (Side note live the foot door opener option)

THIRD STAR: Awesome Mimosa flight! Very well priced and just delicious!

FOURTH STAR: THE FOOD AND PRESENTATION SO GOOD! Love their online menu and how cute it is!

My boyfriend has an EGG ALLERGY to plain eggs, whites, and some things with high content of eggs. I watched Victoria meticulously take his order down to his allergy, only for his potato skillet to come out with... EGGS! The worst part was they were perfectly poached and if they had broken into his skillet it would have further ruined the dish. Luckily I was able to save it and scoop them out though one broke on the table. He didn't send it back because he hates complaining and enjoyed it once I removed the egg. KITCHEN please step up on the servers instructions especially when allergies are involved. Also missed his broccoli.

Another star was almost taken away by the blonde HOSTESS who rushed us through the door as I was trying to get a photo. As a former hostess I understand it can be cold at the front, but never rush your customers especially when there is no one behind them. Just move to the side and politely wait. Your energy may only be 10% but it sets the tone and impacts how people may interpret service. Luckily being in the industry I can tell thats just lack of training on her part not the restaurant itself.

Brittany S. 11/28/2021
DiAnisha Sanders Avatar

That food was so dang good. And the mimosa flight was definitely mimosa-ing. Top that off with great service and I'm a happy girl. Can't wait to go back

DiAnisha Sanders 11/23/2021
Erin H. Avatar

5 star rating Sooo yummy! Great breakfast wrap (that I had for lunch). Light but still filling. Lots of options of veggies to add. Fresh, home cooked taste! Also this garlic hot sauce it came with was sooo good. Def will order from this spot again

Erin H. 11/23/2021
Ying Hao Lai Avatar

Food was excellent! Tasty and sensible portions. I like to try different things like tapas style, so I enjoyed the flight of pancakes that had 5 different flavors. I also appreciate that their dishes were not humongous like other breakfast places. I've lived near here for several years, but for whatever reason, never been. And I'm glad I went, cuz I'm definitely coming back!

Ying Hao Lai 11/22/2021
Ozlem Elgun Avatar

Always great food and service. Love the corned beef and potato pancakes, French toast, mimosa flight!

Ozlem Elgun 11/13/2021
Christopher Darling Avatar

We used to go here all the time 5-10 years ago. We really enjoyed the new look, new food options and great service!

Christopher Darling 11/09/2021
Kevin Warmack Avatar

Service was excellent. Food tasty

Kevin Warmack 11/07/2021
Erik Blinn Realtor Avatar

Food is solid. Fry's aren'tGood service

Erik Blinn Realtor 10/30/2021
Rebecca K. Avatar

5 star rating I am a fan of Frances. They know how to brunch. Everything on the menu is good, but my personal fav is the BLAT. It's ridiculously messy when you do it with an over easy egg but that's the only way you should get it.

Gets super busy on the weekends so my advice in snagging a table is to arrive on the earlier side! The bees have gotten a little cray this season but to no fault of Frances. His syrup is just that tasty. That said, if you're afraid of bees just choose interior seating instead.

Rebecca K. 10/27/2021