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Stephanie Sanchez Avatar

By far, my favorite breakfast/brunch place in the city! I typically don’t eat breakfast… however, because of this place I will be craving breakfast all the time now! Great tasting food! Great tasting drinks! Beautiful atmosphere! The decorations are super cute; definitely French vibes 🙂
The waitresses were attentive and friendly. Most welcoming restaurant I had been to in a while! Highly recommend this place! 🙂 can’t wait to go back! 🇫🇷💯🤍

Stephanie Sanchez 8/16/2022
Brian Y. Avatar

4 star rating The place is cute and aesthetic inside. Would be a great spot for Sunday brunch or a date. I had the strawberry crepes that were pretty good but just way too sweet for my taste. Most people would probably be okay with and enjoy them though! The other food also looked delicious especially the savory omelettes.

Brian Y. 8/16/2022
Alek M. Avatar

5 star rating BEST BISCUITS & GRAVY IN CHICAGO...been comin here for years, everything on their menu is fire + you gotta grab a mimosa flight

Alek M. 7/30/2022
Samuel Phara Avatar

The food was very good and reasonably priced (seemingly a rarity in Lincoln Park). The wait was long and they do not take reservations so be prepared to wait around/ explore the neighborhood if you come during a busy time. Though, they did only just give us 5 minutes to return... luckily we were nearby but I feel like that timeframe is a little too short.

Service was very fast once we got in. It is a smaller space and may not be good if you want a sense of privacy; we were nearly sitting right next to our neighbors and could hear almost everything they were saying. Very loud during the busy part of the day, but it quieted down the later it got.

Samuel Phara 7/25/2022
De'Ashia Deas Avatar

Loved their mimosa flights and the flavors to choose from. Very reasonably priced. All of the food looks delicious. It was really hard to choose. Recommend the jerk chicken Alfredo omelette, one of the skillets, or the French toast flight! Definitely deserves a visit whenever in Chicago!

De'Ashia Deas 7/23/2022
Jalima S. Avatar

5 star rating This is a really dope spot. The atmosphere was aesthetically pleasuring and the food was great! The owner and his son came to the table to say hello. The menu had lots of fun options. We had the chicken and waffles which were incredible. We also had the mimosa flight also! Would highly recommend!

Jalima S. 7/23/2022
Tonia Arrington Avatar

What a lovely place. Staff was great and very helpful. The atmosphere was cute. Food was awesome.. I had a white omelet with chicken, broccoli , toast and hash browns. With a Mimosa tower.

Tonia Arrington 7/22/2022
Raven W. Avatar

4 star rating The was a wait but it was not very long. The inside is too loud I could not hear my friend next to me. Our table was switched to outside part. Our food came out very fast. It was also good.

Raven W. 7/15/2022
Tabitha T. Avatar

5 star rating I came just for the Mimosas absolutely love them, they change them often so I'd like to go back for the new flight to try

Tabitha T. 6/30/2022
Stephanie Sanchez Avatar

By far, my favorite breakfast/brunch place in the city! I typically don’t eat breakfast… however, because of this place I will be craving breakfast all the time now! Their waffles were so good! Great tasting food! Great tasting drinks! Beautiful atmosphere! The decorations are super cute! The waitresses were super attentive and friendly! Most welcoming restaurant I had been to in a long while! Highly recommend this place! 🙂 can’t wait to go back!
Oh! & you def get the French vibes with the surroundings 🇫🇷💯🤍

Stephanie Sanchez 6/29/2022
Ali M. Avatar

4 star rating So I'm a little torn here because some of the items we ordered were out of this world however some were just okay. The cinnamon roll pancakes and the latkes were amazing. On the other hand our truffle French fries were cold (the aioli also didn't taste of truffles at all), and the bacon flight was pretty gross (also mostly ham and not bacon?). I think if you order the right things this would be an incredible brunch, but just note not everything on the menu will be 5 stars. Also the service, though super friendly, was really sparse. We had to get up and find someone to order and to ask for the check. Fun vibe inside (though very loud) and dogs are allowed on their screened in patio which was awesome!

Ali M. 6/04/2022
Lydia S. Avatar

5 star rating the first brunch spot i ever went to in chi, and probably one of the best! so many options and was fast and reasonably priced. i got the chicken and waffles and it was delicious! would recommend for a quick and delicious brunch.

Lydia S. 6/02/2022
Shefali Kosambia Avatar

This place was fully packed on a Sunday! But it’s worth the wait. The jerk chicken omelette was awesome! We had flight of French toast and it was great too! Overall awesome experience… will go again for the omelette

Shefali Kosambia 6/01/2022
Nyara Savage Avatar

OMG I came here yesterday with my son and my fiancé. I just wanna say if your looking to try something new this is the place. The chef/ owner walks around engaging with the guests. He’s very welcoming and has great conversation. The staff is amazing. Very insightful when it comes to the menu. Everything comes out fresh and well prepared in a timely manner.

In addition to how awesome the food was and the customer service . We even had the pleasure of listening to a live band play music for us while we waited on our food.

I would highly recommend eating here. They serve brunch all day. 10/10 and they even have a reward program for you to join as well.

Nyara Savage 5/30/2022
Abbie Kay N. Avatar

5 star rating This place was awesome! Everyone's brunch was delicious and our waitress was very accommodating! After reading reviews of some brunch places near where we were staying, this one seemed to have the best variety on the menu. The Mega Flight (which is what I got) was perfect. It let me try every flavor of French toast and the French toast of the week which was white chocolate raspberry. Another person got the Great since '38 which is a simple breakfast with eggs, bacon, and an English muffin. Will definitely return here if I'm ever back in Chicago!!

Abbie Kay N. 5/30/2022
Michael S. Avatar

5 star rating First time there. Food, service, outstanding. Pretty darn noisy, and with live band got really loud, but at least they tried to have real music. Loved this place. Will absolutely go back.

Michael S. 5/29/2022
Chesley M. Avatar

5 star rating Since the first visit I've been hooked and have been coming back ever since. I can't count how many times I've had the pleasure of brunching at Frances's but each and every time the food is always so comforting and mouth watering satisfaction. My only reservation about France's is that they don't accept reservations (pun intended). The window for hours of operation is 8-2pm and on weekends it gets really busy and you can expect long wait times. You have to check in with the hostess to be added to the list upon which they will text you when your table is ready and available; you have a 15 minute window to make it to your table. They also have outside seating for the people who don't mind dining outside while passerby's and onlookers huddle around while they wait to be seated. Also in the past couple of summers there has been an onslaught of bee's that dominate their outside patio area, so much to the point sometimes it becomes hard to dine and enjoy your meal. During Covid there were table time limits which I didn't care for at all. After waiting 90+ minutes it was somewhat rude and a little disheartening to be informed our dining time would be cut short because the establishments closes at 2pm. We were a larger party group and not to mention it was my mothers birthday. Outside of that and the long wait times on weekends France's still gets 5 stars. The hostess, servers, manager even the chefs have come by to acknowledge our table as we dined. The food is great, the workers are fun and informative and France's just knows how to do breakfast. As you can see my favorite is the Jerk chicken Alfredo omelette :). I love the French toast flights and how they are constantly changing the flavor of the week, always a delectable surprise. The mimosa flight is good although there are some flavors are prefer over others. The shrimp and grits are good, my only wish is that there were maybe a couple more shrimp for the price but overall France's is my first thought when I think of brunch! If you haven't tried it yet, what are you waiting on?

Chesley M. 5/28/2022
Janene M. Avatar

4 star rating It's Lincoln Park so be prepared to be immersed in the hipster vibe and having no place to park. The mimosa flight is good except for the cotton candy mimosa. The breakfast menu is from the former Batter and Berries chef, so I knew what I was in for. It is sooooo loud in there. I had to shout to talk to my companion.

Janene M. 5/27/2022